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The luggage error in website

I just bought a luggage on the website. But when I looked at other luggages in the website, I found two customer reviews under the product (web code:10453617). It seems like best buy have added the wrong bar code to the smaller one, which means if you buy the 26.75'' suitcase (web code:10453618), what you will receive is the 21.5'' carryon.  And even the pictures about the product is inaccurate. The #11 photo under the 26.75" one is definitely the picture of carry-on.  I just purchased the 26.75" suitcase for a vaction after one week, so I really do not have time to return it and buy a new one. I hope best buy can fix the problem and make an investigation into this product.

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Re: The luggage error in website



Welcome to the forum, and thank you for bringing this to the attentino of the Community team on the forum. I'm sorry to read about the experience you described. As this is a peer-to-peer forum and not a customer service portal, customer service and individuals who are responsible for content on the website do not monitor or participate on this forum. However, I have forwarded this along to the people who can look into the product specifications of the product you mentioned. 


As for your specific order, if you require any assistance from customer serviceplease give them a call at 1-866-237-8289.


Thank you.





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