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Ordered the STRDN1080 Sony Receiver

I have no idea why I did this but I ordered it and I am typing up my first world problem here so I can clarify this in my mind.


It was the receiver I would have bought if it was available back when I bought the older STRDN1060 Sony Receiver.


The one major problem with the STRDN1060 is that it didn't support my Playstation Pro 4K HDR passthrough and Sony would not update their firmware to do so because they wanted you to buy the new STRDN1080, thus my Sony Playstation is plugged directly to my 4K tv instead. Now with HDMI-CEC and HDMI-ARC, this isn't really a problem as turning on your Sony Playstation automatically switches both your TV and Receiver (for sound) to the correct input-output settings.


The Sony Playstation Pro itself, has a problem with outputting HDR when connected to the VR-box. No HDR at all if you have the VR box connected. To get VR, you have to disconnect the VR box and connect the Playstation Pro directly to your 4K HDR TV. Even using the splitter without a smartoutlet to turn the VR box completely off, the signal doesn't switch to 4k HDR if the PS4 detects the VR box connected on the HDMI pathway.


Yup, a completely first world problem for those who owns a 4k HDR TV, a Playstation Pro and the VR box.


Thus the Sony Playstation VR community has come up with an elaborate HDMI switch box with smart outlets that almost manages this situation properly except the solution is as confusing as the problem. 


The solution is to use a HDMI switch to bypass the VR box when playing 4k HDR games. When playing VR games, the HDMI signal is then routed to the VR Box. Seems simple in the explanation but trust me, there are a lot of cables routing to and from the Playstation to the VR box, splitters and smart outlets. The smart outlets, of course, are to turn on and off the VR Box as well as turning on and off the Splitter to reset the Splitter. With smartoutlets, all I have to do is say "Siri, turn on VR" and the same for the splitter by telling Siri to turn it off and on.


I took it all off when I cleaned up my setup as the cables resemble a pit of snakes and replaced all the cables with a coupler so depending on which games I want to play, (VR or HDR 4k games), I wouldthen  connect my PS4 directly.


So this leads back to "why I am buying the newer STRDN1080 Receiver?"


The thought is, if I fed both the split signal, one 4k HDR and one VR to the receiver, I should be able to select 4kHDR or VR using my remote thus fixing all my first world problems at a cost of $600 + tax.


At this moment in time, I don't know if I really want to test this out. I am happy with the HDMI coupler method and I rarely switch between playing HDR games like Final Fantasy XV with my VR games during the same play session. Also the splitter causes a burp in the digital sound thus requiring an optical cable from my PS4 to the receiver (more cable snakes).


Thus after typing all this up, I am now thinking that I should just take the receiver back to Best Buy when it arrives. After all, what am I going to do with my old STRDN1060? .... oh well.... just got the email that my order has been shipped and will arrive tomorrow. 



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Re: Ordered the STRDN1080 Sony Receiver

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So the STRDN1080 arrived and the box is sitting unopened in my apartment foyer.



The other reason why the STRDN1080 pulled so strongly on my heartstrings, other than the HDMI 4k HDR switch support,  was the new Dolby Atmos. When I first read about Dolby Atmos last year, I didn't really think much about it as it was just another surround sound setting that I could choose from. 


The main difference between Dolby regular and Dolby Atmos are that sounds are object based and not channel (speakers) based; meaning that objects like helicopters will sound like it is flying through the air above you, independant of the number of speakers you have; thus instead of a helicopter sound flying from one speaker to another, the receiver will make sure that it flies overhead from left to right. however to achieve this, you need ceiling speakers Smiley Sad 


Thus... to this effect, I went out and bought back the Bose 161 speakers that I had sold when I converted to my current 601/301 setup that wasn't recommended by @Elico47, to be used as my ceiling speakers. They were the only bookshelf speakers that doesn't have a big subwoofer attached to them and are small enough to be mounted near the ceiling. They were only $75; I sold mine for $60, so I lost $15 in the rebuying.


Even though I bought the 161s and they too are sitting beside the un-opened Sony receiver, I am still sitting on the fence on whether or not to keep the STRDN1080. 


Is Atmos that big of deal?